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In the early years of her practice, Dr. Melaney Caldwell, M.D.,  realized she was seeing many children with the same health issues again and again. A brief visit, prescription medication, and the child would be better---for a while.

Believing there was a better way to treat children; Dr. Caldwell began Caldwell  Pediatrics and Wellness Center in 2006. 


Caldwell Pediatrics and Wellness Center offers a different pediatric experience.  We provide holistic and integrative pediatric care or a more general approach.  Our services include nutrition and wellness support.  We know that each child is unique and incredibly special and our variety of services and practitioners allows us to support their individual needs.






Five Pillars of Health, integrative, well, nutrition, sleep, water, physical activity, fresh air

The Five Pillars of Health

Sleep- Water- Air -Exercise- Nutrition

The Five Pillars of Health represent the necessary elements to ensure health and wellness. Proper rest, clean water, fresh air, physical activity, and healthy foods are important components of life and in order to provide a nourished life for our children these must be incorporated into their everyday lives.


Caldwell Pediatrics and Wellness Center is built around the idea that children will thrive when their lifestyles incorporate the Five Pillars of Health on a daily basis.


Visit Pillars of Health, a nonprofit developed in response to our communities needs.

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