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Holistic Nutrition


What we eat is far more than just what stops us from being hungry. It impacts our everyday life through emotions, personal connections, energy levels, stress levels, and physical health and wellbeing.  We see these connections through:

  • sharing food with family and friends during celebrations

  • eating in response to stress or boredom

  • feeling cranky when we're hungry

  • feeling empathy when we know another person is hungry

  • feeling tired or energized after eating certain foods

  • experiencing metabolic disease symptoms (diabetes, etc)

  • experiencing behavioral and/or focus problems


Holistic nutrition practitioners understand the importance of our relationship with food.  The goal of holistic nutrition is to help develop healthy lifestyles that incorporate foods and behaviors that support overall health while considering and respecting individual and family differences. Every child and family is unique, and are treated as such in order to develop a plan that is truly holistic.


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