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It's time for a Healty REVOLUTION!!!

The Miriam-Webster Dictionary (2014) has several definitions for "revolution," but the one that best fits our goals is "a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something : a change of paradigm."

The Healthy Youth Revolution emerged last year as a pilot program helping kids and their families make healthy lifestyle changes to prevent chronic disease. The participants all struggled with obesity and were at risk to develop severe health problems. By giving them fun, engaging and exciting new ways to relate to food and physical activities, along with support from Dr. Caldwell, Amanda Brentlinger Zimmerman, and numerous volunteers, the kids that were involved made some fantastic steps in the right direction. BMI's went down and produce consumption went up. Physical activity went up and so did energy levels. New friendships were formed along with healthy new habits. It was AWESOME!

We're planning to kick the program off with a new group of kids in January of 2015. We're looking for kids that are obese (BMI over 30), but interested in becoming healthier. There are several other qualifications and our team must determine if the child and family are a good fit for the program, but we need volunteers to interview to be participants. The program is one year long and requires serious commitment but it's going to be the best year EVER! If you feel like your child would be a good fit for the program and is between the ages of 9 and 13, please email us or come in to Caldwell Pediatrics and Wellness Center and fill out an application.

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