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Boost your Activity to Boost your Immunity!

Cold and flu season is on its way…again. We’re spending more time indoors, in closer quarters, passing germs to and from our friends and loved ones. School’s back in so kids are sharing germs like candy.

There’s got to be way reduce our chances of getting sick, right?

Well, we’re in luck! Studies have shown that people that get 2 ½ hours of vigorous exercise per week (that’s only 30 minutes on five days) are less likely to get a cold or flu and if they do get one, it is less severe than that of their less active friends. The increased blood circulation that happens during intense exercise helps to circulate the immunity components more efficiently and allows them to do their job better, accessing cold and flu (and other illness) cooties before they can do any damage.

Of course, food and sleep are part of the equation to reduce your chances of getting sick. When you are getting the appropriate amount of deep sleep your body needs, amazing things are produced in your immune system. Immune cells are at their highest level of production at his time…and working hard to protect you. Your food choices can affect how well your immune cells work and how much damage they have to clean up. Certain foods like fruits and vegetables have nutrients that help strengthen immune cells, while processed foods like pasta and hot dogs cause inflammation and give the immune system more of a mess to fix.

As we move towards the holidays, cold and flu season will be in full swing. If we remember to take care of our bodies with physical activity, healthy food and good rest, it will likely be smooth sailing.

At Caldwell Pediatrics and Wellness Center, we offer a free evening of physical activity to help you towards your healthy goals. Join us every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. for LIVING WELL WITH CALDWELL, your chance to work out with us for FREE. Come dressed to sweat as our Fitness Warrior Theresa Caldwell encourages us to celebrate our bodies NOW, and work toward an even more fit future.


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