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Oh My! Summer's Almost Here!

The joys and challenges of parenting in the summer are nearly upon us.

Who's watching the kids while we're at work? What's for lunch? Do we really want to take all these kids to the pool? Should they have shoes on even though it's 90 degrees out? How did you lose your flip flop? Camping? Should we still be on a routine? How can you be bored? Why are you running in the house? GO PLAY!

I can't wait...I think.

While the kiddos are running around participating in the "make your parents go nuts" conspiracy, we've got to keep it all together.

All that running around warrants super healthy fuel and hydration for their growing bodies. So...what should we be supplying these growing bodies with? WATER! There's no beverage more perfect than water. Skip all the sugary drinks, save yourself a few bucks, and remind those wild and crazy kids that water is the drink that will keep them running like a machine through all those summer adventures. Here is a great article about the need for kids to drink water. This article can help you get past all those silly excuses not to drink water. Keep in mind that supporting our kids making great choices like drinking water now will serve them well as adults.

Keep up the great work and hang on tight because summer's almost here!

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